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The cultural projects that expresses the territory is thousands of years, highly supported and valued today within an international route from Europe recognized through the title of capital. This is the meaning of a ferment leading to Matera names of excellence of the cultural landscape and, above all, that produces culture. A journey among the countless events offered by the city allows you to enjoy an authentic creative spirit, in the name of a scenario change that you can not give up. The residence The three portals organizes a trip for you among these suggestions, making you a witness and protagonist of a unique moment in the history of Italy.


The Momart gallery reopens after 10 years in a new space, located in Caveoso, in Piazza Madonna dell’Idris; with an unique and evocative place, an art gallery in the heart of the stones and inside sometimes and tufa caves.

Returns with new projects that will be exclusively dedicated to the art world in partnership with the three portals.

The Momart gallery aims to promote artists in various fields of contemporary art, from painting to photography, from sculpture to video installations by artists of international fame or even national but also has an eye and attentive to the presence of artists in the various expressions of territory Lucania, Puglia and nearby surrounding reality.

Momart gallery itself as a meeting place but also as a training space for artists, photographers and curators with workshops and artist residencies as well as experimental research space for contemporary art, with the prospect of presenting site specific projects, training workshops with figures of famous artists for creative paths of art esperience.

We will present solo and group exhibitions of artists not only to the local area but also to the presence of tourists who increasingly looks at the scenery of the city of Matera designated a cultural capital in 2019.

The goal is also to create connecting bridges between different realities not only of Basilicata region, but also national and international, and then fasten the artistic synergies more outreach.

The artistic director of Momart is Monica Palumbo, visual artist who has participated in numerous exhibitions of contemporary art.

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