Chi siamo

I TRE PORTALI is considered a temporary art gallery site, thanks to the idea of ​​Vittorio owner, physician trained in acupuncture, and his wife Monica, artist and art director of Momart gallery.

“My intention was to make a proper tribute to an environment that architecturally and logistical view is unmatched, starting with the name originating from the three portals of the facade of the church of San Pietro Caveoso, appreciable in its discreet elegance by main balcony of the apartment. I then focused on the use of materials such as wood, limestone, iron crafted by experts and furnishings of great designers “- Vittorio

“We started the season with the works of Sarah Ciracì, Raffaele Quida, Marcello Nitti, Piero Vinci and Paola Mancinelli but in the future will alternate artists of national and international reputation thus requesting site-specific installations in the suites. It is a new formula that will allow the visitor to spend a holiday of art and culture, living a rich experience of memories and emotions in a magical and charming place “- Monica